The Ultimate Counter

    This FAQ answers about 90% of the questions I usually receive by email, so please be sure to check here first.

How do I insert the HTML into my web page?

We've created some step-by-step instructions for Windows 95 users. I'm working on a Macintosh page, and probably some specific instructions for AOL and Geocities customers.

The counter doesn't show up on my page. All I get is a little box indicating that there is a missing or broken image.

My counter is stuck at the same number and doesn't increment when I hit reload.

Usually, this happens when you use a graphical HTML editor to insert your code. Many graphical HTML editors have a tendency to break the counter code, so we recommend using a plain text editor to insert it. If you have a Windows 95 computer, go under the start menu and select Programs, then Accessories, and then WordPad. If you have a Macintosh, you should have a program called Simpletext, often located in the Apple Extras folder on your hard disk.


Load up your home page in Netscape or Internet Explorer and then go under the View menu and select "View Source". This menu item may appear in different places depending on your flavor of web browser, but all browsers have a "View Source" capability. Now compare the source code of your page in this window with the counter source code sent to you by email when you registered. If there are any discrepancies, your counter will probably not work.

WE CANNOT PROVIDE ASSISTANCE for problems with your HTML editor software. All we can suggest is that you use a plain text editor to insert the code, or contact the publisher of your HTML editor, and ask them for help. This is a very serious problem with their software, and there should be a fix or a workaround available from your vendor. All versions of Netscape Composer have this bug. We highly recommend Macromedia's Dreamweaver for professional web developers.

When are the "coming soon" features coming?

Probably not terribly soon at all. I have a lot of things besides this web site to keep me busy, so I can't say exactly when any of the planned features will become available.

I'm having trouble using some of the digit styles (font names)

All of the available digit styles are available for browsing at Merlin Media's Museum of Counter Art. The Museum features more than 500 digit styles. You need to get the file name from the museum. To do this, go to the digit style you want, and it will say something like:

File name for use with The Ultimate Counter: colorbl

Just make a note of the file name ("colorbl", in this case), and type it into your configuration page. Using the full name of the digit style such as "Colored Balls" will NOT work!

Why doesn't my clock work? All I get is the banner.

Not all of the font styles in the museum can be used with the clock. Only digit styles containing the characters ":", "am", and "pm" may be used. You can find all of these digit styles in the Time Piece section of Merlin Media's Museum Of Counter Art.

Can I track hits without displaying the number of visitors to my page?

Yes. There is a special digit style called "invisible". If you set your font to "invisible" the number of hits will not be displayed. If you are using the free service, only our banner will be displayed. If you are using our bannerless service, no image will be displayed at all. Then you can go to the stats page to find out how many hits you are receiving each day.

How do I use a counter and a clock on one page?

It's easy! Just register another counter and set one of them up as a clock, the other as a counter. Place both blocks of code on your page, and you're all set!

Can I use the counter on multiple pages?

Yes. To use the counter on multiple pages, you will need to register a different account number for each page that you would like to track.

I forgot my password. Can you email it to me?

Click here to have your login and password information emailed to you, along with the HTML code for installing the counter on your page.

How do I cancel an account?

To remove the counter from your page, simply delete the code. There is no need to cancel your account with us. If you would like to be removed from the mailing list, please use this form.

I'm moving my page to a different server or URL. How does this affect the counter?

You do not need to make any changes to the counter when you move your page to a different URL. You can simply leave the code intact, and it will continue to work as before.

Is there a way to get rid of the banner?

Yes! For a mere $10, you can have a counter without our advertisement attached. Please log in to your account for more information.

Are there any discounts available?

Sorry, we do not provide any discounts for bannerless service. We understand that some non-profit, educational, and government sites may have trouble purchasing the bannerless service. The Ultimate Counter service costs money and man-power to operate, and we think that 83 cents per month is a fair price for our service if you find it useful but do not wish to advertise for us.

Why doesn't my credit card work?

Not all credit cards may be used for telephone or online ordering. Some bank debit cards (check cards) can only be "swiped," which requires the card holder to be physically present for the purchase. Furthermore, some credit cards may require address verifaction. If you're trying to order a bannerless counter and it fails with the error "Address Verification Required," you'll need to use a different card. The good news is that almost any credit card bearing the Visa or Mastercard logo may be used - if you're having trouble using your bank's debit card, try using a regular credit card instead.

Whom do I email for help?

We will be glad to assist you in setting up your counter. Please see this page for more information.

What kind of server is the counter running on?

The Ultimate Counter currently runs on a dual 400MHz Pentium II system running the FreeBSD operating system. It has 256MB of RAM and 30GB of disk space. The server is capable of drawing and serving more than 4000 counters per minute.


The Ultimate Counter was developed by Sean Adams. Inspiration, advice, and support were graciously provided by Andrew Soderberg of Merlin Media, Inc, and the Museum of Counter Art. I'd also like to especially thank everyone who signs up for a bannerless counter. Without your contributions, the Ultimate Counter would not be possible.

The Ultimate Counter is made possible by the following outstanding open source products