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I apologize for the tone of this page, but I really do get an incredible volume of ridiculous emails.

I am *not* going to teach you how to use Frontpage, AOL, Netscape, Geocities, or any other such program. If you need help using these programs to insert the HTML code, then you need to consult the documentation for your particular program.

All emails will be read. However, we do not have time to respond to queries that do not include the information necessary to diagnose the problem. Please be sure to include ALL of the following information in your message:

We have invested a great deal of effort in creating the web site and FAQ, which are intended to guide you through the process of setting up your account. If you're having a problem, we are glad to assist you, but you need to provide a description of the problem you're having. PLEASE DO NOT send messages such as:

I'm having trouble installing the counter on my page. Can you help?

In order for me to help you, you must provide a specific description of the problem you're having, or the step you are stuck on.

Also, most important of all, remember that you are sending email to a real live person who is providing this service free of charge (or for minimal charge). I will skip your message unless you have a serious, intelligent question.

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