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Welcome to The Ultimate Counter! This site features an easy-to-use web counter service. You can choose from over 500 digits styles for use on your home page as a counter or clock. Getting a cool counter or clock installed on your web page is as simple as completing the following steps:

Register your FREE account.
Visit The Museum Of Counter Art and choose at least one
set of digit artwork which you would like to use for your counter.
Configure your counter's settings

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About the Counter

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The Ultimate Counter was inspired by The Museum Of Counter Art. The Museum of Counter Art is the world's largest collection of counter graphics, exhibiting over 500 digit styles. Our inspiration stemmed from the problem that these counters were difficult to install and use - you had to get the artwork, find a counter program that is compatible with your web server, install and compile the software, and go through a complex configuration routine.

We decided this should all be easier, so we've done the dirty work for you. The Ultimate Counter is a service provided to the Web community free of charge. Installing a cool counter or clock is now as simple as placing any other type of image on your home page. Not only is this the easiest counter, it's also the most powerful. You can use a random font so that people get a different style every time they visit your page, and you can have a clock set to your own time zone.